Flex Paragon

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Next Generation Flagship Electric Street Board!

Flex Paragon

E-skating has reached a new peak.

Stepping on the Bifrost 2.0 lighting system, standing out impressively.

The "Bifrost 2.0" smart lighting system, made up of 200 light beads, innovatively allows for the customization of each bead's color, brightness, and speed.

No Range Anxiety!

High Capacity Battery

504Wh high-capacity battery, offering a range of up to 55km.

10 second install

Advanced and reliable second-generation quick-swap system allows battery replacement in just 10 seconds.

Charge in as little as 1 hour

Supports up to 500W super-fast charging, capable of fully charging in as little as 60 minutes, ushering in the era of minute-level charging for electric skateboards!

60W external discharge

60W Type-C output port,
transforms into a super power bank.

Standard equipped with brand new Rexus smart remote control!

4 different control

Adjustable gear settings can not only help you get started safely and quickly, but also rapidly enhance your skating skills!

Ergonomic Deck Design

The design features a wide and comfortable deck with foot pockets, the widest part being 25.5cm, ensuring a secure foot lock for safety.

OS46 Grip Tape

The grip tape has coarse grains at an OS46 level for better traction.

Trist Trucks

The design incorporates the "Golden 45°" for a balance of stability and control, along with 8-inch Trist trucks.

PU Street Wheels

The 64mm extra-wide street wheels offer exceptional grip.

True Intelligence Evolves

The app offers an abundance of customizable features, making skating more fun and smarter, creating a ride that's uniquely yours! In 2024, has your device not "gone to the cloud" yet?

The entire series comes standard with EBSregenerative braking.

Ditching the complex mechanical brake structure, it's equipped with an automotive-grade EBS kinetic energy recovery system.

During skating, when braking, if the braking force is sufficient, it automatically converts kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage.

Luxurious materials forge pinnacle safety.

Three layers of IP55 waterproofing undaunted by everyday rain: an extra measure of calm and safety in the rain.
ABS anti-collision edges plus replaceable front and rear board protectors offer all-around protection for your beloved board.
The shock and water-resistant, high-strength, high-toughness battery casing easily copes with any intense skating, ensuring safety and reliability.
The super-strong load capacity of 200kg is not just about weight;
a 400kg ultimate compression strength is the weight of life!

Why Choose an Electric Skateboard?

Zero Learning Barrier:

Harness the power of technology to reduce the difficulty of learning to skateboard to zero!


Effortlessly solve the last-mile problem! Some products can easily be taken on buses and subways,

Lighter PEV

With the same weight and size, it offers higher power and longer range.

So Captivating

It seamlessly integrates into your life, becoming the new travel choice for the trendy and cool youth.


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