The Exway Flex introduces the most cost-effective package, with a maximum range of 27km/17miles, a swappable battery pack and seamless interchangeable drive trains.

Flex Series


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Super comfortable performance

Comfortable elastic panels

Even when facing bumpy road conditions, the FLEX panel design still allows you to feel a comfortable gliding experience without worrying about vibrations.

kinetic energy recovery system

Braking is converted into electricity for longer range, and it is equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system applied to automobiles, which will convert part of the kinetic energy into electricity for storage, making gliding more fun!

rapid recharge

FlexPro comes standard with a more advanced GaN 200W charger that is 58% smaller in size, easily fits in your pocket, and takes only 50 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% of the power level on-the-go, and a smarter BMS that ensures safe charging and battery life.