Exway X-Pack Detachable 2nd Gen Pro Skate Backpack

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Innovative Skateboard Carrying System (Detachable)

Detachable skateboard carrying system, 56% lighter compared to Exway's previous generation backpack (2.5kg reduced to 1.10~2.05kg)

Removal of backplane

Release Shoulder Strap

Lightweight Backpack

Exway-X Functional Backpack

Pro Skateboard Backpack Generation 2

軽量設計の多機能スケートボード バックパック 重量わずか 1.1kg のこのバックパックは、「ライト トラベル」のコンセプトを完全に体現しています。幅広い拡張機能を備えた高い汎用性を備え、ユーザーの個別のニーズに対応します。毎日の通勤や通学にスケートボードやその他のギアを簡単に持ち運ぶことができます。 スケートボード旅行の頼もしい相棒です!

You make the difference.

Molle Expansion System

Supports custom mounting of various auxiliary bags, creating limitless possibilities

Shoulder Strap Expansion Storage Compartment

Easily access your gear, suitable for storing walkie-talkies, flashlights, skateboard remotes, and other equipment

Velcro Area

Supports custom attachment of various badges, creating your own unique backpack

Reliable Carrying System

Nearly compatible with all skateboards

A: Weight Capacity 20kg
B: Supports skateboards 40~140cm in length
C: Comes standard with three specifications of durable, waterproof skateboard bags
D: Wide shoulder straps + back support + waist belt for more effortless carrying
E: Breathable back padding

Reliable Carrying System

Nearly compatible with all skateboards

1: Helmet net (hidden),2: Dual side water bottle nets,3:Document Storage,4:Storage compartments, well-organized,5:Velcro Storage Space,6:Main compartment dual openings for easy access,7:Tablet + Laptop 2-in-1,8:Zipper mesh pocket

Fearless in Harsh Outdoor Environments

Multi-scenario use


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